About Our School

Power Elite Male Academy is a charter school applicant that is planning to open in 2022 serving grades K-5. The school is led by a non profit board that is dedicated to creating a catered program for the boys of Mecklenburg County. Three of the school highlights will be its caring atmosphere, character aligned sports education program, and programs that are conducive to the positive development of males.


Caring Atmosphere

Power Elite Male Academy's focus will be to create a boy friendly environment, where students feel cared for, listened to, supported and safe. We are committed to catering to the needs of our student population. Power Elite Male Academy members, both staff and students,  will practice prosocial and relationship building behaviors,.


character Aligned  Sports education

Power Elite Male Academy focuses on the "whole student." The school incorporates a character focused sports program specifically designed to connect athletics to achievement. In addition to conventional sports, opportunities to learn chess, golf, bowling and other non conventional sports will be provided.  Students that promote from Power Elite Male Academy

will be  self motivated, scholar-athletes as well as leaders. 


mALE developMENT

Academic literature supports the benefits of having an all-male school environment. Power Elite Male Academy seeks to "bust the myth" of who the male student is and will  reinforce this through programs that aid in developing  males, such as identify development, professional development, and mentoring programs, coupled with a "rites of passage"  ceremony.